Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ummm....Okey Dokey Then

Okay, I guess you can say I am NOT a big fan of the Olympics. In truth, I consider it a huge pissing contest amongst the international community. Countries shell out the big bucks for their teams, transport, etc and you know its perfectly okay to spend this money because, you know, if you went on their streets there's no poor homeless people wandering around, undernourished children, etc. However, even I was impressed by the Beijing Opening Ceremonies ...until I read this.


Sorry little girl. You're not cute enough to represent Mother China. You just sing in the background and we'll let the pretty kid take the glory. Also, the comparison to Pavarotti lip synching for Torino does not cut it. First of all, he was lip synching is own voice. Second of all, he was dying of Pancreatic cancer at the time. He lip synched because of a medical problem - its not like they took Orlando Bloom and him lip synching Pavarotti's voice.

Not to sound cynical - but in a country of more than one billion people they couldn't find a kid who was "cute enough" and could also sing? Oh wait! I forgot! They're on the gymnastics team.

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