Thursday, November 30, 2006

How sweet it was

It's with a whole heaping handfull of sadness that i pass along the news to anyone who did not already know: Astroland park, the center and soul of historic Coneuy Island has been sold, and will close for good in 2007, ending a tradition that ahs spanned generations.

The park will be leveled to make way for a year round resort, most likely consisting mainly of shops.

What really saddens me in all this is the knowledge that (most likely), despite all his passion and dedication, Todd Robbins side show by the shore will forever close its doors. They were having issues making rent as it was. This is just the final nail in the coffin. One of my most vivid and loved memories of my father were the few times we had visited the sideshow, and i looked foward to eventually bringing my own family there one day. Oh, as they say, well.

Go see the cyclone, say goodbye to the wonderwheel and Mr. Robbins, it seems that no one will be amazed in coney island anymore.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hello Mullah, Hello Fatwah

Sorry, I did lift that blatantly from Bill Maher

Here is a copy of the letter from Iranian President to the American People

The Bad News: I trust him about as much as I trust Bush
The Good News: He doesn't ask anyone to stay the course!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Okay, what part of Environmental Protection Agency didn't you understand?

This first article I found via Common Dreams
EPA OKs spraying pesticides over waters
By Michael Doyle
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration pleased farmers and frustrated environmentalists Monday by declaring that pesticides can be sprayed into and over waters without first obtaining special permits.

The heavily lobbied decision is supposed to settle a dispute that's roiled federal courts and divided state regulators. It's popular among those who spray pesticides for a living, but it worries those who fear poisoned waters will result.
The reason for this is to kill mosquitos in the larval stage and... wait, what is that jingle jangle I hear:
"Requiring (federal) permitting would unnecessarily disrupt the effectiveness of (pest) control operations and adversely impact hundreds of business," the South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society warned.
Here is the real clincher, any pesticide that is deliberately sprayed is not a pollutant. Um. Ok.
But ya just got to love David Farley a man with a mission and a gift for understatement:

"It will just make things a little less messy," Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District Manager David Farley said of the decision Monday. "It means we can continue to do what we have done for years, without additional permitting requirements."
A bit of advice for any one in areas where the 15th Mosquito Ground Attack Squadron will be flying, find out what pesticides are being sprayed, have your aquifier tested, arm yourself with an environmental lawyer. Is it just me or did the Environmental Protection Agency become the Environmental Protection Racket.

If you click on the above link, make sure, to visit the biography of current administrator
Stephen L. Johnson. Why? 'cause now I am going to ask you to connect the dots. In his 25 year career with the agency Mr. Johnson has served as:

Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
Acting Deputy Assistant of EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
Deputy Director of the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP)
Director of OPP’s Field Operations Division
Deputy Director of OPP’s Hazard Evaluation Division
Executive Secretary of the Scientific Advisory Panel for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.
He also worked with Hazelton Labs "which which has a two decade history of misrepresentation of scientific data. (LA Times 1989) and Litton Bionetics, inc. Which made... you guessed it toxic substances .

Shorter Fred Barnes: Bad Voters! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Sometimes, people make such a bleeding idiots out of themselves that it is redundant to point out that they have made an idiot out of themselves. I will take the risk of being redundant. Media Matters has this transcript from the November 24th, Beltway Boys (insert adolescent snicker).
KONDRACKE: The United States and others think that Syria is behind this week's assassination of Lebanese cabinet member who was a vocal critic of Syria, Pierre Gemayel. He's the fifth anti-Syrian politician to be killed over the last two years in Lebanon. Well, when the United States is weak, this is -- anywhere in the world -- this is, it becomes scoundrel time. This is the assassins, the fanatics, the murderers are, the bombers are out all over the place and especially in the Middle East. This is the case in Lebanon right now.

BARNES: Well, I agree with you. You know, first there's an election in which Bush is repudiated. Then we have these studies going on that we just talked about where it is unclear what America's policy is going to be toward Iraq, and that goes for Lebanon for that matter. ...

What is readily apparent is that the meme first floated before the Glorious 7th! will be the rallying cry of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos:

The election caused the violence!
Repudiating Bush has made America weak!

Is there any greater monument to the Republicans' & Dem War Hawks, failures then the "head 'n' ass" foreign policy they rubber stamped when it rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue?

Yes there is!

These would be the calls by St. McCain, The Last Honest Man, Six Month Friedman and that seemingly immortal war criminal Kissinger for a:

Now with an equal chance of success!"

The time has come to admit, that the pooch is screwed, lit a cigarette, and hailing a cab. There is no honorable way out of this, but there is a list of those who are to blame. This list does NOT include the American public that voted on November 7th, 2006 or on any other date. This war was built on lies, half truths, and a twisted ideology, about as slick as Wolfowitz's old combs.

If Barnes still subscribes to this madness he should not project his guilt onto the American people. Its just not in good taste Fred.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I Guess The Peace Sign Is Illegal In Colorado

Link to Story

It seems a Homeowners Association in Colorado thinks that the peace sign is offensive. Very nice and a Happy Holidays to all - not!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dare I Say, En Fuego!


Sunday, November 12, 2006


Okay havn't been posting like I used to, two jobs, working 6 days a week, and three kids in various stages of recovery from a nasty cold. So yes, I WANNA BE SEDATED!!!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Because it's hard enough as it is

Showing that gamers are good people, and that even the littlest contribution can make a big difference i present to you: Child's Play

A charity started by those fellows at Penny Arcade, your contributions go to childrens hospitals around the USA to help make it feel a bit more like home for the young patients.

For the Boys

War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
~Bertrand Russell

For those who paid the highest cost, and those left to remember.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations Madam Speaker!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Little Pre-Election Stress Breaker

That is the best reason I dig up for why I am posting this. Mr. Nilsson rest in peace brother:

Has The Last Six Years Been A Horrible Dream?

Sadly No!

For a pictoral retrospective of the Shrub Fiasco click above.

The Littlest Liberal Part II

Where Daddy And Mommy Liberal Explain What Republicans Believe..

Friday, November 03, 2006


Evangelical leader says he bought meth but 'never used it'
POSTED: 3:10 p.m. EST,

November 3, 2006

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) -- The Rev. Ted Haggard, who resigned as one of the nation's top evangelical leaders, admitted Friday he had contacted male prostitute Mike Jones for a massage and bought drugs from him.

Haggard said he never had sex with Jones and never used the methamphetamine drug he bought.

He was one of a group of religious leaders who regularly participated in conference calls with White House aides. (Watch what Haggard said about the drugs he bought -- 1:59)

Haggard told reporters earlier this week that he did not know Jones, who claims to have had a three-year sex-for-money relationship with the pastor.

Haggard, 50, resigned Thursday as leader of the National Association of Evangelicals -- a group representing more than 45,000 churches and 30 million people -- and he also stepped down temporarily from leadership at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Haggard told CNN affiliate KUSA-TV on Friday that he received Jones' name as "a referral" from a hotel where he was staying in Denver.

He did not name the hotel. "I did call him," Haggard said. "I called him to buy some meth, but I threw it away."

Haggard spoke to the Denver TV station from inside a car, with his wife, Gayle, in the passenger seat.

"I was buying it for me, but I never used it. I was tempted. ...

"He told me about it. I went there for a massage."

Asked whether Haggard's admission of knowing him was a vindication, Jones replied, "Thank you. Exactly.
A massage and just a touch of meth that he threw away..... yeah I'll buy that....



Well here is a surprise.... not.
From CNN
AP: Source says lawmaker deal with ex-mistress had silence incentive
POSTED: 7:21 a.m. EST,
November 3, 2006

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A Republican congressman accused of abusing his ex-mistress agreed to pay her about $500,000 in a settlement last year that contained a powerful incentive for her to keep quiet until after Election Day, a person familiar with the terms of the deal told The Associated Press.

Rep. Don Sherwood is locked in a tight re-election race against a Democratic opponent who has seized on the four-term congressman's relationship with the woman. While Sherwood acknowledged the woman was his mistress, he denied abusing her and said that he had settled her $5.5 million lawsuit on confidential terms.

The settlement, reached in November 2005, called for Cynthia Ore to be paid in installments, according to a person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal is confidential. She has received less than half the money so far, and will not get the rest until after the November 7 election, the person said Thursday....
PA 10 Recent Polls:
Lycoming College 10/22 - 10/26 643 LV
Sherwood (R) : 38 %
Carney (D) : 47%
Undecided : 15 %

Keystone Poll 10/19 - 10/23 384 LV
Sherwood (R) : 39%
Carney (D) : 48%
Undecided : 13%

Great News From CO-4!!

In a major turnaround, CO-4 incumbent, Marilyn Musgrave's 10 point lead in earlier polls has disapated, and has been suplanted by a 3% lead for Democratic challenger Angie Paccione!
RT Strategies/CD 10/24 - 10/26 991 LV
Musgrave (R): 45%
Paccione (D): 48%
Undecided: 7%

Strategic Services 10/22 - 10/26 600 LV
Musgrave (R): 42%
Paccione (D) : 45%
Undecded: not listed
In honor of this we present another Angie!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mega-Church Homophobe Gay???

Remember of course that this is purely an accusation at this point, it wouldn't surprise me if it was true, but still.....

From News9 Colorado (NBC):
DENVER - A gay man and admitted male escort claims he has had an ongoing sexual relationship with a well-known Evangelical pastor from Colorado Springs.

Mike Jones told 9 Wants to Know Investigative Reporter Paula Woodward he has had a "sexual business" relationship with Pastor Ted Haggard for the past three years.

Haggard is the founder and senior leader of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. The church has 14,000 members.

He is also president of the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization that represents millions of people.

Haggard is married with five children and an outspoken critic of gay marriage.
And they have Video:
The report (link)
A past Haggard inteview (link)

Found at
AMERICAblog via Escahton

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Because They Have Names And Faces

Situation: Untenable.
Definition of Victory: Ungiven.
Exit Plan: Non-Existent.
Civilian Leadership: Oblivious.

These conditions are truly an insult to our military.

The October 2006 Casualties, names and photos, as compiled by CNN (click here)

Current U.S. total for the month of October: 104
Total U.S. From Start of Iraq War: 2,816
Total U.S. Wounded: 21,077 (est: 20,000- 48100)

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